labor2The day was once celebrated regarding the success of employees in U.S.A and to salute their efforts, is not forgotten yet. It has been 135 years from now, the world is regularly being devoted to remembering this day which was a landmark in the life of the most common occupation in the world. In 1882, in the U.S.A, after a long and patient struggle, the first parade was held in Union Square by Central Labor Union for this accomplishment. Year after year, world get familiar with this and now around the world, it is being celebrated to salute the struggle of laborers.

labor6When we talk about laborious work, it includes all the professions either they are narrated under labor laws or not. Normally these rights are meant to be provided to the labor working under the protection of any union. Still, there are many professions which are not affiliated with such unions or they have no sense of unity. Persons picking the scrap out of the garbage are normally not sheltered under such law. If it is narrated as protected, still have no rights to claim a salary or other basic rights for the living. Beggars are another category (not professionals) who is away from said rights. There are many others like hawkers etc.

Every year, many seminars are being held in the top, star ranked hotels with lavish food and air conditioning systems. Some of the paid people are also being appointed to get shields and to make photographs for this precious event. Also, there is the tradition of arranging photo exhibitions in art galleries. The snap of most miserable child laborer, captured with the help of modern DSLR camera may get a top prize by influenced and reputable guest. Our society is very brave to speak and write on this subject to provoke others on this day only but this is all bogus job.

labor5Actually, we have just sympathies for labor class but we do not want to waste our time by giving them attention or respect on any other day. We want to celebrate the day to live in limelight and portray ourselves as compassionate to this class. We are stuck in our life and goals only and having no concern for others. These abandon people are being remembered only for a classic picture, a heart touching blog, a lavish seminar or to show off.

labor3Another labor day and no change in the living style of a true laborer. At a personal level, as I also do, give respect to them, never delay in their payment, ask them food and drinks, do not call them by their profession or bad names, try to help them in education or monitory. As a common person, at least we can do it at our level; rest is a little bit difficult for an average living person. I suggest we should make such ignored people, aware of their rights. As a sensible society member, we should come forward and share as much as we can. It is not only one day job, keep it continues throughout the year.

Author: sayitout67

I am an ex-banker, mainly in Accounts and Admin. Done my LLB and Masters in Political Science. Married to a most supportive woman ever, father of two daughters and a son. I Like positive and progressive people and hate negativity. Always tried to find something new out of me and never disappointed. Believe in sharing as it gives you a lot.

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