Hello all,

trendLife was quite simple until brands came here and captured the attention of people from all walks of life. Many people especially, women from mediocre were very simple in dressing sense. They prefer to wear only traditional dresses at main events such as marriages or other family events. The most preferable dress was wedding dress; newly married women love to use this on several times. The actual reason was obvious that such glittery dresses cannot be dressed at home. Other women also like to repeat their special dresses many times and others appreciated this thing and consider it a courtesy.

trend6At that time, women were keen to handle the dresses in a good manner; at the start of new season, last seasonal dresses were opened and spread on the roof to remove odor if any. Also, they packed the dresses for past season with phenyl rounds in order to keep them safe from insects. That was called a manner at that time and elders made young ones to be the part of this all, so they can also do it after their marriage.

Men were also not far away but they try to dress up in a very simple way as nobody was there to pay attention regarding repetition of dress. All that noticeable was neatness and manners to wear. New dresses were made on special occasions like a wedding at home or at Eid, and that was also in limited number. One for the special day and previously bought on the second or third day.

trend3Suddenly, we changed and became modern and trendy. We participate in an endless race of fashion and trends. The games of elites just indulge in common one and mesmerize them with its spells of new and fashionable articles. Advertisements and brand promotions always attract people to come and purchase. Models on-ramps also gave awareness to people to make their dresses in unique ways. This trend was rare to see in South Asia till 90’s.

trend5New money, is a class that is always there to promote such trends, they not only purchase it but also play a role of volunteer for free advertisement of brands. In parties or events at home, such classy people talk about their dresses, jewelry, shoe brands and prices. They told other the venues to purchase trendy items. Their glamour attracts people and they also try to purchase trendy but expensive items. This also led them to purchase more and more to show off. Brands are taking advantage of this, and introducing different volumes of fabric collection in a single season.

trend4Well, I am not against this trend but I am concern about the waste of money. One must live according to their resources and there is no need to follow others. Moreover, one should adopt the new things according to his/her personality; the blind following is really not good.

Best regards.

Author: sayitout67

I am an ex-banker, mainly in Accounts and Admin. Done my LLB and Masters in Political Science. Married to a most supportive woman ever, father of two daughters and a son. I Like positive and progressive people and hate negativity. Always tried to find something new out of me and never disappointed. Believe in sharing as it gives you a lot.

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