Dear all,

Sowing a seed is like a new beginning. I like gardening as it is one of my most loved interests. My mom and my school companion “A” were extremely charmed with it. My mom was too much in household duties that she couldn’t spare much time to it yet at the same time she had planted some conventional plants like roses, jasmine, lemon, guava and grapes in our two yards. In my young age, I had seen individuals leaving half of their houses without construction to avail free space. That was the time when generally it was like to sleep in open like yards and rooftop. This open space or a veranda was a gift for such hobbies.

My old friend “A” was so much in to gather books, plants and old postal stamps. His family was related to printing related business and he used to choose distinctive books to interpret in the local language. We invested a considerable time and energy searching for his interests at my bike, bike, and bicycle. His second concern waGardenings to choose assorted plants for his little garden. He was quick to get some information about new plants and in some cases; he would taste the leaves of any plant to judge its qualities. I think it was very dangerous. This routine raised my curiosity and I likewise chose to bring some new plants for our yards. For this, I asked for my dad to allocate me some of the space of our yard for a little garden. My request permitted with a condition that all costs on plants and care would be out of my pocket; I have to consent to it.

This was like a new time of my life; I was so eager to see blossoms sprouting with such a large number of hues in our yard. This magnificence resembled payback of my endeavors. I continued sitting at night and off days to appreciate in this little self-developed garden. This was so energizing but sooner I became weary of dealing with this. As it was a new activity and I was busy 20171001_120318in financial activities. Along these lines, I chose to contract a nursery worker. He was useful for a couple of months however then he began to disregard his duties. This ruined huge numbers of my wonderful plants and there were no way to stop it. At this, my dad advised me to leave this activity and give the plants to somebody that could take care of them. I decided to shift many of my plants in pots. At first, I was extremely upset however sooner I felt, it resembled like a gift; Pots were too easy to manage. They required less time for upkeep.

After few years, I needed to move three different places yet every one of the pots and plants was with me. Luckily, my wife is also like to have greenery in the 20171001_121748 (1)house and she has helped me to my greatest advantage. In my last home, we expanded the quantity of plant from 40 to 90plus; all credit goes to my accommodating and supportive spouse. Though some of the sensitive plants crushed and ruined during shifting them in various places, yet at the same time, we have enough to design our yard and porch. Like any other couple we have conflict in liking the types of plants but still, all kinds are for our home and little garden. She likes to have indoor plants that are less in maintenance but I like both indoor and outdoor. I like flowers of all kind especially the seasonal.

Now, I want to discover a new medium in it i.e. kitchen gardening with organic ingredients; I have saved a region for it. I have planted coriander, tomatoes, mint, curry and cucumber plants in it. These are generally being planted without pesticides and are absolutely natural. For this reason, I am adapting new systems at the web. I have made natural compost with the help of kitchen and garden waste; this is 20171001_121008h20171001_124101elping my plants to become organic and flourish. I am also planning to start a rooftop setup for plants. There is a great deal of light and air here and we can use this ignorant place in a constructive one. I am learning more about it and sooner I will begin dealing with it. 20171001_120500

I must say that Gardening is an exceptionally wonderful interest, at first, it requires some time for choosing a category of plants and pots but with the time you can manage it reasonably. Each new leaf and bloom of my garden gives me delight and vitality to do new things in my life. I also love to cook, read, and compose in my free time. Music likewise draws in me yet cultivating and 20171001_120336composing snatches the greater part of my additional time. On the off chance that I was to ever get a shot of owning a farmhouse, I will be extremely content with a considerable measure of plants, flowers, fruits, and vegetables all around. It is considered that gardening is a hobby for those who are retired from all of their duties. But I think once you dive into it, at any age, it will not let you go anywhere.

Garden1Gardening is also a way to show your aesthetic sense towards decorating your home. There are currently varieties of it. You can decor your little garden with marble paths, pebbles, little pools or waterfall. Lights and flower beds are also there for uniqueness. You can brighten the dividers with hanging wicker container with any sort of grass. Walls can likewise be mounted with a range of vines.  It will amaze you when you see them dancing in blowing air. At whatever point air blows, they look like moving in delight. Plants are good fried though. You can share your feeling with them and they will listen and answer you if you spare a little time for them. They are hardly any requesting so endeavor to make them your new companions. I bet they are adorable and you will love it….

Best regards.

Author: sayitout67

I am an ex-banker, mainly in Accounts and Admin. Done my LLB and Masters in Political Science. Married to a most supportive woman ever, father of two daughters and a son. I Like positive and progressive people and hate negativity. Always tried to find something new out of me and never disappointed. Believe in sharing as it gives you a lot.

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