Why are nicknames necessary? Children could live well without having one. This thing is awarded in our childhood but walk along with us throughout the life. Whatever you do, people do not familiarize themselves with the actual name. My parents were not in favor of nicknames and they used to call us by our real names.



Hello all,

Before going ahead I want to ask a question. Why are cute nicknames necessary? Children could live well without having one. This thing is awarded in our childhood but walk along with us throughout the life. Whatever you do, people do not familiarize themselves with the actual name. My parents were not in favor of nicknames and they used to call us by our real names. The situation changed when my younger brother was born. Our aunty started to call him with a nickname and the loop knotted again for at least two of my younger brothers. Now, they are trying hard to educate others that they are grown up and stop this practice. But anyone from elders comes to visit them and deliberately calls them with their nicknames. They do not mind many times but still, it is embarrassing in many situations when their colleagues are around.


As I have already mentioned that my parent did not give us nickname but other performs this duty very well and gave me so many names.  I want to share some of my nicknames.  Although I never care what kind of names was being awarded to me rather, I enjoyed the whole phase. That is why no one remembers these given names and everyone knows my actual name. Alright, let us start with the first one. It was “The Thorough Gentleman” that I had received from one of my favorite English teacher Mr. Rao Abdul Rehman when I was in 6th grade. I think I deserved this title at that age but not sure for rest of my life. Many of my class fellows made a fun of me for this title at that time. My friends and family still think that I am only “Gentleman” and can remove “Thorough”.

The second and most famous at school time was “Dry Clean” that was also awarded by the same English teacher. It is an interesting one to share. At 6th grade, I passed my English exam with highest marks in my class that was 148/150. My teacher praised me in front of my class and called me a shining student. Some jealous ones called that “how this boy could be a shiny rather he is dark in complexion”. Mr. Rehman looked at me and said: “I cannot wash him with detergent to change his complexion but I can dry clean him with my efforts to become shinier in studies”. That was the last day in my school that someone called me with my actual name. My five years at school passed with this new name of “Dry Clean”. Many of my badge mates were not familiar with my actual name. They thought that dry cleaning is our profession that is why all call me with this name. It was not true but I was so adaptable that I never mind and always ready to give clarifications.

craneOne of my colleagues used to call me “Crane”. The reason for this name he told that “a crane used to stand calm in water by lifting one of its legs upward near its belly as it has no concern with the surrounding but whenever a fish passes through it,  instantly grabs it and closes its mouth, pretending as nothing happened”. He was my senior but I never understand why he had found such negativity about me, on the other hand, I was so dumb that I never embarrassed in such situation and always laughed and enjoyed these comments. I was not aware of the consequences of such statements that later made your image as a wrong person. I do not know he was right or wrong but I am remembering an instance when management was considering me to promote to a managerial post after five struggling years. There were four names including me for promotions. Everyone was wishing me and congratulating me for my reward but finally, all other three succeeded, one of them was the son of another senior person, the second was relative to the manager while third one’s father was close to the manager and I left behind. There was an overnight change for recommendation at the 11th hour. I was excluded from the list just because somebody convinces the management that staff children and known ones are deserving against outsiders like me. Guess who was the wild card entry? It was the son of that same senior colleague who used to call me “Crane”; at that moment I came to know the meanings of a real crane.

There were also many given names from my friends like “Good guy”, “Sunda(Buffalo because I was chubby at that time)”, “Jayda”, “Jaidra”, “Choti Mata”, “Lucky Cham” etc, but they cannot stay for long. Although these were not cute nicknames still I never bother with these names. My careless behavior makes others annoying and uncomfortable so they stopped from calling me with these names within days.

When I was in my last job there were few naughty but fabulous fellows namely Zia, Shah Nawaz, Aamir and Sohail they started to call me “Jai Paa G”. “Jai” was the short form of my name, “Paa” means big bro and “G” is for respect. In Bollywood, there is one big name and legend actor “Dharmendra” and people used to call him “Dharam Paa G” so it was also an inspiration from this name and a character “Jai” of the film “Sholay (Flames)”. It always sounds nice as they never had bad intentions or humiliation for me and I accept it with wholeheartedly. Now, I’ve left my job but still, we are FB friends and chat off and on.

Finally, the sweetest one was from my mother that she started to call me after I grown up. My mother was the sweetest mother in the world for each of her children. She used to call me “Jayde” or “Jayd bhai” sometimes. The beauty and sweetness was the way she called me, these were not words but love and motherhood. It was a sweetest and dearest name that I got from my beloved mother. It still lives in my mind as a cherishable memory. It makes me happy whenever I recall it. That is the fact I choose to make it my email id. My both young brothers have molded it even shorter; they use to call me “J Bhaaee” but still, it sounds sweet.

All things apart but nicknames are chosen to express the love towards our children and loved ones, so either I like it or not but these are precious for those who have with them. These are like blessings so do not ignore the value.

Best regards.


Author: sayitout67

I am an ex-banker, mainly in Accounts and Admin. Done my LLB and Masters in Political Science. Married to a most supportive woman ever, father of two daughters and a son. I Like positive and progressive people and hate negativity. Always tried to find something new out of me and never disappointed. Believe in sharing as it gives you a lot.

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