Before heading forward let’s have a sharing from my past. I was serving to a well-reputed organization in a so-called title of “Officer” but most of time clerical cadre was much relaxed than me. I had almost the workload of entire department; sometimes to work and many times to monitor.

Hello all,

Before heading forward let’s have a sharing from my past. I was serving to a well-reputed organization in a so-called title of “Officer” but most of time clerical cadre was much relaxed than me. I had almost the workload of the entire department; sometimes to work and many times to monitor. So, everyone was relaxed except me. My other colleagues started their days with hot conversations over politics, cricket, the grand slam of Tennis and Grand Prix, films etc. They relax by cutting jokes to one another while expecting me to finish all start of the day jobs. If someday I have less workload then I can join them for a while.

After this very hectic activity of laughter and mental relaxation, one of my senior and one of my equal rank colleagues (but favorite to all) starts to snoop out the newspaper to collect further material for lunchtime gossips. I was not even allowed to look into newspaper until they finish it. I had some interest in riddles or crosswords but I was not supposed to touch it at first. Then finally, after spending 1-2 hours, they returned to the daily routines as it was a private sector job and they were being watched.

When it comes to annual performance rating, I was never considered to get a bonus or reward in shape of promotion. All benefits were for one of my colleague “R” who was a relative to Branch Manager (It revealed to me many years later). He was transferred to our department after me purposely for promotion. He was as reliable in his previous department as I was in mine. But his immediate boss was not in favor of his promotion. So it was planned to choose a person who could obey them well and let him groom. Right from start; he has been appreciated a lot from all, but the appreciation was not for performance in office work, it was for good handwriting, good humor sense or good English expertise and from inside to flatter the boss. If I had to evaluate the person I will consider only his language expertise and nothing else because there were many who were better than him including me.

He was awarded every year with annual bonus and nothing for me but verbal appreciation, next year the same thing happened and finally, in the fourth year he was being promoted and become my immediate boss. I was actually a very calm and composed person. I never stated what I have done. I always tried to polish my skills but never talked about it. I had devised many Excel worksheets to release others workload, run many computer software successfully that others quitted. With the help of one of my colleague, we both transferred the manual branch data to the computer without any error. Even other branch demanded that we also need this boy to come and participate in a smooth transfer of data. I went there and done it all alone.

Actually, my brought up was from a family where we were not allowed to resist much. But now I was grown up and I was observing all this. When I realize that my boss is continuously ignoring and neglecting me then after greeting my colleague for his promotion I stood up and asked my boss in front all my colleagues that what is wrong with me. Why are you always promoting one person and neglecting me? Am I not capable to be promoted? Had I never done anything that is commendable? My boss looked at me and said no you have all the reasons to get a promotion. He then promised me to talk to Manager for my promotion.

What do you think? It was the end of my problem. No, my dear, it opens a new Pandora Box. My Manager asked me to write an application where I had to mention my skills and extra works to support. I was so foolish that I started to write an application of two pages with all my achievements mentioned in it. Now the manager started to call a meeting in the weekend and started to talk to Head Office in front of me and my immediateboss. Where he always tried to convince the seniors for my bonus or promotions. Many of you who sserve someshere must have knowledge  that there is no way to write such things and my boss and manager fooled me. This all continued until the country goes through a crisis when restrictions were levied for experimenting nuclear test. The government won to get its benefits, my boss retired and get a huge reward for what he did, my colleague was once again got a bonus and everything remained for me. We have a staff of over 100 people, many of them started to make fun of me that “When are you going to be rewarded?” Some have sympathies for me also but still this situation was quite humiliating for me.

Now, I will conclude and leave many things, my Manager got an assignment to convince all the clerical staff and few of the officers to opt”Golden Shake Hand Scheme” and he successfully achieved it. He was also awarded huge compensation and he left the bank. Our new Manager came and I repeat again my old story, he replied that I am a new one; I will look into the matter and judge your capabilities. I waited patiently once again. After one year our new manager struggled and got a brilliant chance in the new place and left the bank and my application. Now another person becomes a new Manager. He had been my immediate boss for many years and was well aware of my capabilities but he also refused to put my case ahead. He also excused that it is my first year I will watch all things and them consider you for a promotion.

In the meanwhile, I tried to make some of the contacts in Head Office and put my case to them and in the long journey of twelve years got the only bonus. My immediate boss was astonished that how I had been awarded while they did not recommend me for it. It was a miracle that happened and even unbelievable for me also, My journey ended in that institute when our bank purchased another huge bank and their management ruled with strategy and wiped out as much of our staff. They viewed overall performance of each person, there was no one left who could plea for me. They thought that I am a burden because I was constantly in the same cadre with only one bonus and not even a letter of appreciation. They put me in surplus pool and wrote me a seperation letter for a notice of three days and all my struggle come to an end.

Now the question is, why am I beating the line? Because the situation is still the same for our country; #Election2018Pakistan is almost here. Every time, new Government had the same stereotype statements that we are new ones we will see the situation and give you relaxation in few years. But they will fly away like my manager. At the moment they will find a good benefit for them, they will not think about the people of the country. They have always the same excuse that there is nothing left in the treasury. Last Government wiped it out and we need more loans to survive. And then without asking anyone, they will lay in front of World Bank and other institutions for loans. They will accept many unreasonable clauses and demands of such institutions and levy huge taxes on the public. Like many previous governments, for all the monitory benefits they will not hesitate to bow against Super Powers to accept whatever they demand. Finally, without doing anything all government officials will get a reward of Ex-Government Officials, fill their pockets, purchase the properties without any fear, get the protocol and leave us for a new one to make us fool.

We know we have no option, many times people decide to boycott the polling and turnover was very low, even then governments were established with heavy mandates and there was no one to ask. People came out for one person while rigging made the other one to achieve. So, we as people have a few roles in polling; all decisions are made at some other level where the public interest is not accounted for. There are rumors that few people with huge briefcases are there to settle the situations; they took oaths, promises from candidates to work according to them. That is why you can observe many silent members of Assembly who have no concern for what is going on. They just come, sit and sleep in an air-conditioned hall and raise their hands when they are being rewarded monitory once again.

Election governing authorities are cutting jokes these days. These institutions have no authorities and there is just puppet show for a time period to pass. Recently, it revealed that a member assembly claimed in 2008 elections that he had graduated and now he stated that he has not yet passed the secondary exams. It shows that authorities have no check and balance; there is no scrutiny for privileged people. Our institutions have rules of Stone Age and they have all the way outs for incompatible people. Or they are being forced to be quite in many circumstances. If I am allowed to advise, I would request them to do something in a positive and constructive way or let it go. Please do not show a false impact on people that you have authorities or you can control.

We are not allowed to say more or look deep into the matter so I finish it without any conclusion. As I have already stated that we have a few roles in forming a government. Even though the turn out will be as low as someone will get no mandatory success, the new government will claim a sweep out and heavy mandate etc. We people are afraid of repetations; once again we will be put in surplus pool of the country for targeted to finish with huge taxes, poverty and terrorism. Our all struggles will be in vain if the all story will be revised and someone favorite will be rewarded by putting the deserving aside. Public is deserving to get relief this time.

Please do not try to make a new country. Bring a new vision, new people who are willing to serve, new dams to restore water, new industry to give new jobs, new education system to construct minds. We know governments have huge budgets for health, education, and infrastructure. You will surely get your share but come out to spend some of the allocated budgets to commoners. Enough with fudal system.

Best regards and good luck.

Author: sayitout67

I am an ex-banker, mainly in Accounts and Admin. Done my LLB and Masters in Political Science. Married to a most supportive woman ever, father of two daughters and a son. I Like positive and progressive people and hate negativity. Always tried to find something new out of me and never disappointed. Believe in sharing as it gives you a lot.

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