impHello all,

We are in a race of victory and we want to achieve our goals at any cost, no matter who left behind. We are in the hurry so that our competitor could not cross us. Most people set their aims and try to achieve them by hook or crook. Everyone gets the results depending on one’s efforts. No one can snatch others place. Actually, humans are impatient for centuries or it is our instinct. Even, we want to know our future so that we could prevent bad out of our lives. In parties, you can easily meet a person pretend oneself as a fortune teller and trying to tell everyone the good news. Why we are so curious about our future? Maybe it is because we are mortal; we have limited time to live and we want to do all in one life. But fate cannot be changed accept hard work so why to worry about it. One should emphasize on facts.

imp3Future is a hazy field where we can walk with estimates; we are not sure what we will find at our next step. Well, as I describe above, there are fortune tellers who grab the opportunity of our impatience and make money by telling daydreams to such simple people. One practical person could not rely upon such illusions, this type of realistic persons depend upon their hard-working and efforts. Hassle destroys the strategies while planning completes the projects.

impNormally, a flowchart is designed for a programming and evaluation is necessary for its completion while steps are always being defined to go further one after one. No one can omit the track as it could lead to a failure. Our life is also like this plan, we must ensure a feasibility plan for our life, first, we have to get appropriate education and skills for a certain job, and then a comprehensive training is required to get familiar to it. At the third stage, we start to work. Many stops here but there are few steps ahead; a lot of them try to be master in their field or change to show their other abilities and there are some who find new dimensions in their routine job. Such progressive minds have an urge to leave a landmark for followers.

imp5Being desperate without skill is like someone is living in fool’s paradise. We should be equipped ourselves with appropriate skills and then start our work. It will definitely work and if not no need to lose hope; work hard to come on track. Patience is a key to success. We cannot get more than our hard work; it could be mind application to strategic plans or your strength physically or technically in your relevant field that could make you a successful person.

imp4So why we are in hurry, we should be patient and consistent. Stick to, what you are doing with all heart and soul. Definitely, there is a victory ahead.

Best regards.


labor2The day was once celebrated regarding the success of employees in U.S.A and to salute their efforts, is not forgotten yet. It has been 135 years from now, the world is regularly being devoted to remembering this day which was a landmark in the life of the most common occupation in the world. In 1882, in the U.S.A, after a long and patient struggle, the first parade was held in Union Square by Central Labor Union for this accomplishment. Year after year, world get familiar with this and now around the world, it is being celebrated to salute the struggle of laborers.

labor6When we talk about laborious work, it includes Continue reading “HAPPY LABOR DAY”


Toleranintol3ce is not only a word, when it comes to a society it becomes a quality to inspire others. It comes from good social values and vigilant brought up. Unluckily, this quality is not much in many areas of the world. Although we are living in a “Global Village” but still we are far away from each other. One country have reservation against other, cities has differences between them, a town do not like the tradition of others even neighbors are unhappy with each other. If we talk about the traditions of villagers, they have a Continue reading “TOLERANCE – IT IS A BEHAVIOR”


Inner2We, humans, are exploring the new world, approaching new galaxies and solving the secrets of a black hole. But what about our inner world that needs to be searched, solved and conquered yet. Most of the people may have a question, what inner world I am telling about. According to many, we know ourselves. We are aware of our desires and thoughts. We are living according to our will. That is the only reality and there is no inner world other than that. Somehow they are right, as many of us listening to our inner voice and acting accordingly. But still many of us are restricted to compromises.

Inner6What will happen if we listen to ourselves and not others? Are we living satisfied after so many compromises? So why not to do that suits us. I believe, life will be free of regrets if we live according to our will. All rights and wrongs are within us, we are always conscious when doing good or bad. Our inner forbids us to do wrong and provokes us to live a good life.


Inner4Now a question arises, from where this all negativity comes from, in our society? Why there is so many evil thinking around us? It is because we humans are being often manipulated by some selfish and greedy minds. Firstly we start bad things as fun and afterward become keen on them. Then there is opportunist to take a control of others. Such people read the thinking of simple and raw minds; then they deceived them by showing the glitter of influenced, lavish life and afterlife. They have also many different ways to convince simple people; they can even blackmail. Normally, less educated minds are their aims that could be misleading easily.

InnerThe thing that stops us to listen to our inner voice is some traditions that were followed by our forefathers just because of ignorance and we are still sticking to them.  We have a tradition that son of politician will be a politician, the businessman will produce a businessman and a banker will approach for a job in bank for his/her children. We, humans, are different to each other and so that our thinking. There are many examples exists that such forceful profession often leads to disappointment to both employee and employer. Children of many successful businessmen drowned their assets in days, star child is often not much doing well in films and so on.

Inner1We need a change, and to provide new ways to flourish our children and it is never too late to listen to yourselves also. No matter how old you are, still you can enjoy your life. Keep convincing others for the change in your life, a time will come that all your loving ones will agree with you and live the life as you are living.  As a responsible citizen, we know our boundaries of society and law and we could be an example to others.