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Change is a necessary element of our life; it has a vital effect on seasons, people, days and nights. Many people are revolutionary in nature and innovative in their lives. These type of persons love to change themselves in a perfect way. This urge of change and perfectionism is the key to success and lead us to the way of self-grooming. These words like self-grooming, revolution, ambition etc are undoubtedly big ones to say but when we bring them to our lives, they need not many efforts from a willing person.
Introduction of the world to a newborn baby is the people, their behaviors, atmosphere, and surroundings.  Sometimes these things and the atmosphere is good, many time bad and a few time awesome. We absorb our atmosphere in us and show our actions being manipulated with these surroundings. These are afterward called our habits; apart from fact that these are good or bad.
After passing a little time in this, many of us go to school, high school, colleges, and universities. These institutions and company of friends also influence us in various ways. This age is the second stage of learning. We grab much useful knowledge in this age. People from different backgrounds show the versatility of life to a learning kid. Friendship gives new meaning to recognize the personalities of others.
At the age of maturity or in practical life, everyone has a clear vision of self-awareness. We almost know about our capabilities and can groom ourselves in a specific field. This stage is very important where we have to choose and decide a field for our entire life. Some get success easily and many have to struggle throughout their lives. There is one more category that at firstly choose the wrong way but upon realizing the mistake, jump into their loving place and live happily ever after.
Life is not easy for all, many people face difficulties in their lives. This is the time when we need to groom ourselves for new challenges. Many of us are a misfit in our professions or jobs. For example, a person loves to sing but dragged to a 9 to 5 job. We can observe such situations with different styles in everyday life.  Now, what can we do? No problem at all. Nothing is impossible. Do not leave the field, no need to show it your back. A true one is always judged in crisis. Make yourself as right choice; mold yourself according to the atmosphere. Take it as a challenge; groom yourself by studying related literature or ask a senior for help. Once we overcome the situation we can easily keep our hobbies.
Grooming is something that is related to success only, no matter what you are doing. It is a bossy job or a repair work. When we enjoy our work and try to improve it; it will definitely pay back in shape of appreciation and success. One more thing is necessary is steadiness; a constant struggle is a key to success. Self-grooming needs no institutions or study; one can also groom itself by through observation. People and society is also a huge institution to learn.
Self-grooming is not limited in its meanings; studies and learning are not all. By grooming ourselves we portray our personality, skills, attitude, potential etc. Change of dressing is also a part of it; we should match to our atmosphere. A serious job requires serious and formal dressing and behaviors also matter in presenting yourselves. A little touch up changes the entire personality. We should also move towards latest trends and styles. This little changes keep your mind fresh ans active.
Although, there are an example of rigid people who think they are good in all way. They rarely want to change their lives and bind themselves to their so called principles. If we see some kind of success in such person, that is absolutely luck and nothing else. Most of them are not favorite one to any. Man is a social animal and mostly socializing at social media these days. Now, the fact is that head counts at friend list and likes matter a lot. Only adaptable people achieve the friendship of many. So, we need to change and groom ourselves according to the time and atmosphere.
Always try to do good for others and do not think for rewards or appreciations, a true happiness is a reward, a true friendship is a reward and a good change is a reward. Groom yourself and feel happiness in your life.


Best regards.


Hello all,

Actually, our brought up is a little bit complicated and tricky in South Asia, parents put their incomplete desires to their children in shape of toys or fun-based activities. Children learn and absorb from their surroundings. Whatever parents provide them, it made up their minds accordingly. Our incomplete desires or unachieved goals are like we want to be a doctor, singer, architect or engineer but circumstances lead us to be a banker, teacher or a 9 to 5 employee. So we made up our mind to complete this ambition in our children.  As parents, we manipulate our children to promote their interest according to our will. These activities draw the attention of a raw mind of a growing kid and later they became keen on this behavior.

Well, I am not saying that these are not good activities; sometimes it is necessary but not always. My concern is that we make them restricted to few things and set patterns. I think that is the reason in the third world, that thoughts are a stereotype.  Being traditional is not bad but we need to settle in new requirements that are necessary to live in a society which is not bound to one planet only. Our rigidness may cause difficulty to teenagers to choose right at the point of their decision.
Teenage is a stage when kids have to decide their future. They start to learn according to their choices that can be helpful in their practical life, so as parents we need to support them. I personally, try to support my daughter for her career studies.  I never made up my mind for my children future in a specific field, I always appreciated them to research and find new ways of their interest. Although they are still confused rather it is a right choice or not but whatever it is, I am with them with a parental advisory that they need to stick at one field and do not wander on others directives.
In our society there are many free advisors are available in every walk of the life, everyone is a master and genius. They try to convince others that the way they have chosen is wrong. They pretend to be the only well-wishers to young ones. They manipulate them to change their path. It is all done in a friendly way but still, I think it is a forceful act that is not good. Our future will be bright if we apply our theory to our relevant field.
There are few who never influenced with their contiguous and felt free to live according to their thoughts. This category of geniuses brings best for themselves and worlds as well. Listening to your inner voice is as necessary as all other necessities of our life. Our inner, never betray us in our life if we listen to it carefully. There is some confusion in inner voice and manipulation and we are the only ones who can differentiate them.  All we need is to judge ourselves, who we are and what is our requirement for life. We should set out goals and act accordingly. Being focused and consistent brings success although it is a bit late; it is better late. Patience is the key to victory.


The final words for today, we should provide our children an environment that brings them vast choices. They should not be limited to some boundaries. On the other hand, a parental restriction of right or wrong is must; parents have their experiences to share. Youngsters may apply those experiences in their way. So that they could grow and flourish in modern society and make our world more beautiful and safe; free of arms, hate, drugs, terrorism and all negative things.

Best regards.


Hello all,
Marriage is a social contract to bring two people altogether. It is a beautiful feeling and experience to enjoy the company of a new one in a romantic and loving environment. In Pakistan and India, mostly mediocre used to raise this topic and make fun by telling jokes on this topic or by making plans with their children since the childhood. For most girls in remote areas, the most favorite activity is to make arrangements for their doll’s marriage. The reason for this all is just to make them more curious about this relationship. That is why; this day becomes very memorable and full of excitement for all. Brides and grooms wish to make this day so special that it would remain in their memories as a mark of joy.
In our society, the tradition of “Salami” by relatives is very popular. It is a contribution to the parents of bride and grooms to make arrangements for marriage. This “Salami” is according to the bonding of relationship; the closer you are; the more contribution you have to do. It could be in the form of money, dress, gift or household item for the brides and money or gift for the groom. On the other hand, it was refunded with some extra when the other’s marriages took place. Extra was once called “Nee-on-dra”, it was to strengthen the relationship; If you do not want to go further with anybody, then payback only what you received. It was a silent and expressive way of cut off.  It sounds weird but it was very good until it was performed in a simple way. But now, likewise other tradition, this has also changed a lot.
Marriages have now become a good way to show off and to depict one’s power of social contacts and economic strength. People have no more concern with small “Salami”, they just want to invite their big contracts so that they could influence others. Huge parties are being thrown for publicity. A lot of money is destroyed extravagantly at food, clothes, decoration, music, lights, fireworks, photography, recording and transportation. People book good venues for marriage, arranging marriage halls and gardens. But this is not enough, this marquee, hall or garden should be a renowned one or famous in elites so that every participant can be impressed. Therefore, they hire professionals for new ideas and approaches.
This trend is spreading all over the world; event management is a growing profession among youngsters. They know that people are keen to spend on such social occasions. Once, it was an event of two to three days but now turned into months. Prior and after functions have been generated for enjoyment such as Bridal Shower, Bachelor Party, Dholki (This one is longest in days), Mayon, Ubtan, Mehndi, Wedding, Walima and so many receptions. Event managers are giving different themes to each function. From the dress to an environment, everything has to be planned earlier.
In India, a bride is supposed to be a girl covered with gold jewelry and her parent are being believed as Alladin’s Genie who will fulfill each and every demand of groom’s family. From start to the end, bride’s families have to suffer a lot and bear most of the expenses, even for the other side. The bride is also not farewell alone but with a huge dowry in shape of dresses, furniture, car/bike, utensils and other household items. Moreover, taking in a bride along with a demanded amount has also become a tradition. It is said that it is a gift from girl’s parents while everybody knows it well that it is a forceful act. Gift of new houses or furnished ones is also in demand while after marriage demands are separate to be mentioned.
No doubt, it brings so many colors to this occasion but only to those who have many resources. People living in middle standard always imitate elites or upper class. For this, they cross every limit whether it is to borrow money from anyone or to pledge their properties for loans. In a mediocre family, there are a few to earn and many to eat, so they hardly manage to coup up with all responsibilities. Many people try to use unfair means to get extra money for their needs that bring negativity in a society.
According to me, people having good resources and at upper level should take incentives and come forward to be role models for other to simplify this event. There is obviously no need to feed so many people. It is totally a private function and its requirement is just an announcement that these are two people who decided to live together. For this matter, a small gathering of relatives is quite enough. It will be a blessing for those who are suffering from the fears of this forced extravagance in their life.
Need more good suggestion in this regard and hoping for a positive change……


Best regards.


Hello all,
I don’t know why but whenever I saw these words at the end of any T.V program; I felt excited. It brings me a hope that there is still something additional that could be more informative or entertaining. I like all sequels of movies; thrilling, science fiction or romantic type. I love to watch every part although the first one was good or not. I think there is always a chance for excellence and as it is said: “THE SHOW MUST GO ON!”.
Life is a teacher that taught us silently to grab the experience through passing moments. Continuity is also a lesson for me, I never gave up. At the end of every chapter of my life, I had a hope that there is still something more interesting and meaningful on my way ahead. What needed is a struggle, wait and not to lose hope. It is my perception towards life that death is the only end and before that, there is no finish.
Disappointment is a curse that pulls out all our positivity and let us wanders in the darkness. It gathers a fog of uncertainty in our minds and paralyzes our abilities. We need to overcome it especially when we found ourselves in tough circumstances. Although, there are many crucial times when someone feels lonely and finds no way out from dilemma but still there are a lot of positive ways to tackle the situation. At this stage, one should be tolerant and patient by letting the time pass without any resistance. I know it is tough but it worked all the time in my life. My friends! I assure you that all will be in the good direction. This gesture will clear the path and change your destiny.
You can call it a miracle or whatever but according to me, it is to bring your positivity out of you to face the complexity. There is already an end to our life that not known when it will come, so why die before that time. We humans are not to let ourselves down against tough circumstances. One should find the solution and survive anyway.
Life is all about tripping over, standing up, brushing off, getting a posture and continuing the journey that had paused momentarily. Was there ever a time when you felt like quitting but you carried on? Do share in comments.
Best regards.


Hello all,

8th March, the “Women’s Day”, a day to remember the continuous struggle of this gender for their rights. The world is celebrating the day to salute and admit the worth they have. This day is being celebrated since 1914 on 8th March. We must not only celebrate the day as a formality but we need to admit the importance of them in every field of life. They are kind as a mother, guide as a teacher, friend as a sister, partner as a housewife and dedicated as a co-worker and so on. They ruled, played, served, conquered, entertain and succeeded in all the ways of life but never been appreciated as they deserved. It took them a long time for winning recognition. Give this attitude an end and state a new way of equality and appreciation.
Being a father of two loving girls and a naughty boy, I feel proud and blessed. I always tried to provide the equal share of life to my daughters but when we talk about the system, this equality is rare. Girls do not have the equal opportunities. First, I want to discuss the education system where the number of schools and colleges are less than the requirement. On the other hand, education is getting expensive. Then what about the most number of girls having not much means of income. These are the girls who will contribute as a future mother and up bring the next generation. The government, of course, is doing many projects for girl’s education but still, it is out of the reach of a poor girl to fulfill her dreams. Then how can this problem be resolved? Education is major and basic need of time and we should come forward with new ideas to solve this social problem. It is mostly recommended and a good idea is to contribute individually to you and help the needy. As well as, doing charity and supporting the already existing programs for women empowerment and awareness.
Secondly, according to me, transportation is also a major problem for women. We can observe a limited space in public transports and people have also not accepted women as a driver of a car or a scooty. The scooty riders are always targeted and bullied by the students and youngsters. Nowadays, in such rush scooty is a blessing for women to reach their school, college or workplace. We still assume women as lesser and careless as the driver. Many jokes are around in social media for fun at women drivers. Well, it is a humiliating behavior to portray their small mistakes as a crime. I think, sometimes, they have been shaky due to overall behaviors. If we trust them and buck them up, they will show a good result. I personally witnessed many women drivers who are even more expert than men.

When we talking about women, how can we forget those who have been exploited by our society? In the name of honor, they have been slaughtered and made Vanni. In the name of so-called love, they are being revenged by throwing acid on their faces, leaving them into utter agony, anguish and despair for life. Only one in a million of these victims receives rehabilitation to survive and manage the way somehow. Many are still struggling all alone in absence of dowry and there is no end to the sufferings of the women, especially in the third world.
I conclude as we should not only celebrate this as a day but make it a milestone of revolution. I suggest that we need to incorporate respect and appreciation for every woman in our children. So that in the future we can have a safer and progressive world for our mothers, daughters, wives, and sisters, who are equally valuable to keep the equilibrium of this world.
Hoping for a change.
 Best regards.