Hello all,
We live with many relations but there is no one like a mother; most loving and caring person in the world. All other are made of same elements but the mother was made with some special like love, care, sacrifice, patience, humbleness, devotion, guidance, and selflessness. She is our first ever contact in the world. She defines the world to us when we are in her lap. She loves us to grow, teaches us to find new ways, advises us to build our character, forbids us from going to false ways and keeps praying for us in her entire life. We cannot find such person that has no ambition to get back in return for her sacrifices. Today, it is mother’s day but we should give all our days to our mother so that she could feel proud of her brought up; whatever she taught us is not wasted yet.
In our journey of life, we meet so many people who are dissimilar from each other and their priorities are also not the same. But a mother’s love is always same towards her children; her expression may be varying due to unusual circumstances but from conscious, her aims are only the betterment of her kids. This is the only subject where we need no studies or statistics to measure her love; it is always 100% noble and free from any artificiality.
My mother (RIP) was also like any other in the world but she did have an additional quality, she never argued with my father; whatever was the situation she stood along with him and obeyed. My father was not a dictator, he tried to provide every comfort to his family but it was an understanding and bonding between both of them.  She also had another quality; she never punished us even if we were wrong. She prohibited us calmly and in a soft way. She always advised us to do right in our life. It affects a lot and I always tried to select the right path. My wife often says that I never have seen such calm and loving mother and wife as well.
She did not obtain a chance to get the higher education, so she provoked us to do so. My mother also promoted us to participate in games and other extracurricular activities; like gym and cooking. She was our best friend to share our secrets. We are all brothers and no sister; so, I became my mother’s best friend. My father was often too busy in different activities that allowed him to come back home very late. During these waiting hours, she shares her life experiences and says different stories to me because I was also a late night person. I used to read and share different articles and short stories with my mother to kill the boredom of waiting time. Despite this late night duty, I never found her sleeping late in the morning. She got up early and starts performing her duties before others wake up.
She taught us all to cook on our own and I was the first to pick this quality. She thought this skill will help us if we got a chance to go abroad for higher education and we have to live there all alone. It does not mean that she put everything on me and took a break from the kitchen. She loved to prepare different and delicious foods for us and never depend upon any other. She was master in traditional cooking but she molded herself to Chinese cuisine also because my father and I were too keen on it. I still prepare my mother’s recipe for egg and chicken fried rice and chicken corn soup for my family. This is a way to remember her love and the taste of her hands that is still in me; it is all unforgettable.


My mother is not with us but I still want to make her happy even after she is not with us, I try to act upon her teachings. She loved all her relations with true heart and I try to do so. I am not going to advise anybody to do any special towards their mothers as everyone knows well the place of this great personality. It is her day; those who have this blessing can take advantage of her existence.
Best regards.


Hello all,

Actually, our brought up is a little bit complicated and tricky in South Asia, parents put their incomplete desires to their children in shape of toys or fun-based activities. Children learn and absorb from their surroundings. Whatever parents provide them, it made up their minds accordingly. Our incomplete desires or unachieved goals are like we want to be a doctor, singer, architect or engineer but circumstances lead us to be a banker, teacher or a 9 to 5 employee. So we made up our mind to complete this ambition in our children.  As parents, we manipulate our children to promote their interest according to our will. These activities draw the attention of a raw mind of a growing kid and later they became keen on this behavior.

Well, I am not saying that these are not good activities; sometimes it is necessary but not always. My concern is that we make them restricted to few things and set patterns. I think that is the reason in the third world, that thoughts are a stereotype.  Being traditional is not bad but we need to settle in new requirements that are necessary to live in a society which is not bound to one planet only. Our rigidness may cause difficulty to teenagers to choose right at the point of their decision.
Teenage is a stage when kids have to decide their future. They start to learn according to their choices that can be helpful in their practical life, so as parents we need to support them. I personally, try to support my daughter for her career studies.  I never made up my mind for my children future in a specific field, I always appreciated them to research and find new ways of their interest. Although they are still confused rather it is a right choice or not but whatever it is, I am with them with a parental advisory that they need to stick at one field and do not wander on others directives.
In our society there are many free advisors are available in every walk of the life, everyone is a master and genius. They try to convince others that the way they have chosen is wrong. They pretend to be the only well-wishers to young ones. They manipulate them to change their path. It is all done in a friendly way but still, I think it is a forceful act that is not good. Our future will be bright if we apply our theory to our relevant field.
There are few who never influenced with their contiguous and felt free to live according to their thoughts. This category of geniuses brings best for themselves and worlds as well. Listening to your inner voice is as necessary as all other necessities of our life. Our inner, never betray us in our life if we listen to it carefully. There is some confusion in inner voice and manipulation and we are the only ones who can differentiate them.  All we need is to judge ourselves, who we are and what is our requirement for life. We should set out goals and act accordingly. Being focused and consistent brings success although it is a bit late; it is better late. Patience is the key to victory.


The final words for today, we should provide our children an environment that brings them vast choices. They should not be limited to some boundaries. On the other hand, a parental restriction of right or wrong is must; parents have their experiences to share. Youngsters may apply those experiences in their way. So that they could grow and flourish in modern society and make our world more beautiful and safe; free of arms, hate, drugs, terrorism and all negative things.

Best regards.