Dear all,
Time is money; it is a resource, if spent wisely, is sure to be a key to success. Time is the most precious thing in our life that nobody can afford to waste at any cost. People know it very well but many times just for fun or being habitual, we waste it a lot. Many of us are fond of this activity. They rarely care about it. We are different in nature and habits and so are our behaviors towards our society.
Many of us waste our time by criticizing others just for nothing. They want everything according to their views and will. Any difference in opinion or way of living can offend them very easily. They are a kind of expressive people but waste their skills in wrong direction. Another type of people is who cannot mold themselves according to the changes of life. They stick to traditional things and do not want a change. Such people forbid others to change their lives. Traditions are also very important but we can mold them according to the time and atmosphere.
Most common example of waste of time in our society is the people who study in good institutions and try to find good opportunities for their practical life. Some get rapidly but many fail to do so. Now there are also two kinds in these left behinds. One type is that struggle in different way or accept a medium standard chance for best utilization of time and wait for a good chance, while others do not compromise at any cost. They waste a lot of time by waiting an appropriate chance. Though some of them also achieve their goals but they waste a lot of time.
Actually, my point is that this precious time will never come back so one should utilize it in a positive way. Some other activities like sharing of knowledge are a best solution. We can share online, to help others. We can also utilize our free time by helping others without pay. This will increase our practical knowledge. If you are aiming some job, get additional professional training from institutions. This will help you in the long run and best use of the time.
One should play a constructive part of the society; you should be active and progressive in your fields. In civilized society, people know their duties. They also know to utilize their free time in a optimistic way. When we describe the duties of a civilized person, these are awareness of law and limitation of society. Knowledge of duties and rights is also important. Apart from our financial activities, we should also active in all rights and wrongs of our


Hobbies are very useful to spend our free time; it gives self satisfaction and pleasure. Different activities like games, music, art etc are ways to express ones inner thoughts. Even watching T.V or movies for leisure and information is also a good activity for a little time. These activities could also be beneficial and help us to increase our income in free time. People share their views at social media and getting reward in cash.
Once again, we know the fact that if the time once passed never comes back. So, we should not waste it. We should consume it in a productive way. We have our priorities in our life and can decide which activity is good for us. No outsider can advise you, you are the best judge for yourself. Just decide and go for it, if you are the one who wasted some of your time, do not regret and change your life good and useful for you and others.
Best regards.