Hello all,


Being human is unique because we are not restricted to make efforts for our appetite and sleep only but we have to feed our mind and soul for their refreshment. For this very reason, we have an urge to select some hobbies for self-satisfaction. People around us have many hobbies such as games, cooking, gardening, keeping pets, hiking, socializing, gossips, chatting, movies and many more. Obviously, android games are ahead of all and have made many people addicted.
Hobbies are necessary for us in order to spend our spare time in some positive way as we all know “Empty mind is a devil’s workshop”. With the change in our routines, many things have changed. Once tickets and coin collecting was a very popular hobby in many. In my school days, there was an old man sitting outside our school with three to four albums of tickets in his lap. Many boys including one of my friends, Asif, were keen to sit there and search for something new to elaborate their collections. There were commitments to bring more and unique stamps and exchange was also a routine. Many of them had so many, that they could exchange it for a handsome amount of money but that was just a hobby and not for financial needs. I had also collected some of them but it never caught my interest. I had at that time collected some rare coins that were with me for long but after shifting two to three places, I have misplaced them.
Music has always been my passion, I never cared for the type of music and whatever attracted me was my favorite. Still, my choice is same, I like classics of Mehdi Hassan, Iqbal Bano, Teena Sani, Fareeda Khanum, Manna Day and popular of Alamgir, Nazia Hassan, Zohaib, Junoon, Noori and many more. Film singers are countless like Madam Noor Jahan, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Kishore Kumar, Nayyara Noor, Naheed Akhtar, Mehnaz, Shreya Ghoshal, Arijit Singh and many more. English songs were also on my favorite list but it discontinued right after my first job because there was no one to share and after some time, I left to hear them regularly. There are very few like, Boney M tracks, Last Christmas I gave you my heart, I just want to say I love you, Titanic’s Everytime, Waka Waka, Justin Bieber’s Baby etc. Being specified in music is difficult for me and all types help me to change my mood. I am never the type to listen to sad songs in the heavy mood but I always try to break the temper. “Ghazals(A type of singing in South Asia)” are the only type of music that is not popular with people around me but I love to listen anytime. My favorite is from Abida Parveen, Mehdi Hassan, Jagjeet Singh or Iqbal Bano. The most favorite form of music is “Sufi” and “Folk” both are popular internationally.
Gardening is a hobby that is identified mostly for retired persons but I took this interest from my late mother. She loved to gather some typical types of plants and trees in our home. There were Roses, Jasmine, Guava, Grapes and some vegetables in our kitchen garden. Afterward, my friend Asif also polished my interest and I am still fond of gardening. It is a good use of spare time and also gives satisfaction when you see your hard work has become fruitful in shape of a beautiful flower, a lush green tree or with the organic kitchen garden. The Internet is a good tutor and anyone can start at any time with all the tutorials available on YouTube or any other social site.
DIY’s (Do it yourself) are also very helpful in choosing new interests. People share their experience in a simple way and helping others to adopt new ideas. We should choose only specified and simple tutorials and try to avoid difficult ones at the start. According to me, a difficult procedure will lose the interest of a beginner but a little time-consuming idea will develop the curiosity. Lengthy procedures are helpful but in later stages.
Well, many of us already have their choices. Choose something different, few for self-satisfaction, some for creation, many to relive your daily life and a lot for human betterment. Charity and welfare are also very helpful for inner satisfaction. There are many needy around us, looking for our attention, so try to come ahead. The choice is yours as it is your life.
Best regards.


Hello all,

Happiness and enjoyment never come from the outer source, it is within us. If we are light in mood, we are happy and if we are heavy, then it is sadness. Sometimes we are between both moods and that is seriousness. All moods carry with them, their different feelings and everyone loves to live within one’s comfort zone but happiness is a step ahead. It brings a way to flourish in our life. It introduces us to the brighter side of our life. It affects everybody in a different way; one can enjoy it while watching a movie with a handful of the popcorn box, other playing a game, another feel satisfaction in reading books. Many people love to wander around, some watch TV, many in gossips. Few like relaxing in a separate place with a cup of coffee or drink in their hand while some else would turn the music on, hit the woofers, pick the pace up, themselves and force others to dance along too. Everybody has his own perspective towards life.


The versatility of life is being different from each other, so we plan to choose separate ways to feel it. There are some examples, where we enjoy in pulling someone’s leg, taunting without any reason on friends and annoying others just for nothing. Shouting, bitching, back-biting and bullying is also some favorite activities of many people to feel happy. These are sorts of one-sided happiness and a source of sadness and boredom to others. A number of people love to smell flowers but many love to pick them and separate their petals. Several people like to sit in a neat and calm atmosphere of a restaurant but others love to shout and throw the trash all around. My friends, how can we enjoy when all our companions are sad or being irritated because of us? The surroundings and loving ones also matter and it doubles the enjoyment when others are also happy. Try to feel it, I bet, it will work.
We should live happily and make others comfortable with our presence. Try not to spoil other’s moods with negativity as happiness is rare. It comes from inside and stays if we give it a smooth and gentle treatment. It does sound heavy if I advise you to make others happy but it is not that much of a hard task. Feel free to experience this and the after-effects in the shape of satisfaction of heart. A true soul will obviously take pleasure in it.
It’s a conclusion: Live happy, love people and nature and make effort to spread this message. Do not wait for the return, try to change the society and work for your inner satisfaction!


Best regards.