Hello all,


Every sensible and independent nation loves to celebrate its national days in a respectable and glorious way. These are a remembrance of one historic event that influenced that nation’s history. Normally, a public holiday is announced on a specific day and many people love to involve in festivity. Everyone has one’s own way to celebrate it; some try to spend their day as it deserves, many try to complete their pending house related jobs, few are struggling with their unfinished periods of sleep and several spending the day with newspaper and remote in their hands and keep yawning.


It is obviously a sense of holiday all the day long but we should be positive and contribute some of our time in accordance with the day. Life is too busy now, so we have very less chance to interact with each other or show our patriotism as it should be. It is not necessary to go and participate in the huge rally at the national level or expect some other to come forward to provoke you to participate in a meeting.  We should start it form our home, society or vicinity. It affects a lot; people need some regular examples and follow. A good gesture of being positive and consistent depicts its impact on others.

In many areas, generally, people have their different reservations due to community believing, political associations or mental approaches to avoid such gatherings. But the sense of the national days is to be together for one cause and we should act alike. We have many days to show our personal fondness and few for nationalism. It is easy to advise but difficult to act also. I always tried to educate my children the importance of these days. I often used to ask related questions or try to arrange few settings to communicate about the meanings of the day.

Everyone has one’s own mind setup but we should adopt new things. Keep sharing one’s views is a good idea and to learn from others is also best for a change.


Best regards.