Hello all,

In South Asia, most of the parents are unhappy with food in these days, they think it is impure. They have reservations regarding the growth of human foods; the chemical sprays and latest techniques to grow more food have destroyed their nutrient values. They think most of the diseases are due to the chemical sprays on fields that are difficult to remove even after a thorough wash. They used to say “Alas! Food was pure in our times”. This disappointment is due to the difference in techniques; once the vegetables and fruits were grown in organic fertilizers. No pesticide, no preservatives; all pure and natural.

Apart from going in depth, latest techniques are necessary for more food to fulfill the increasing requirement of growing population. This is a source to grow more and economical food for those having fewer resources. But we have not lost the chance; we still have it i.e. by growing our own organic food in our kitchen garden. We can do it on our own or can choose someplace all together for combine cultivation for few families. At home, you do not need many of pieces of equipment or techniques, all you require is some extra space and care. Organic vegetable and fruits are very easy to grow and good for health. They could be grown in pots and can be placed anywhere in sunlight or under shade. They can also be kept anywhere like the terrace, lawn, rooftop, laundry area, portable crates, portable shelves or a free space out of your house (if allowed).

Main and compulsory ingredients are healthy seeds (it can be replaced with seedlings from a nursery), pots, organic compost, the mixture of soil and sand, watering shower, a little patience, and passion. The last one is the most important for each and every step of growth. The Internet is full of small and effective ways of initial training. One should focus on organic ways such as organic pesticides, organic fertilizer, and watering techniques. The reason for some training is that different plants have different needs. Some require a lot of water; many needless, a lot need eight hours of sunlight but few are good in the shady area. Several are delicate to treat and fewer are rough and tough.

Do not worry about it, all requirements are manageable. If you have a shady area with less sunshine then pots can be placed on walls with hangings. Plants can be provided with artificial ways of sunlight (IR or UV lamps) or reflection can be made with mirrors (if possible). On the other hand, if there is a lot of sunshine all the day, one can cover the area with shade or garden net. You do not need expensive and stylish pots for kitchen gardening. Extra and cracked buckets, used ice cream containers or thermophore containers are also good for at least kitchen gardening. Every person has his own imaginations and is free to use his mind according to the place and resources. Even waste plastic bottles are being used after modification to grow mint and coriander leaves.

Once you get started, it will grab your attention with daily growth. I love the time when seedlings come out and raise their shoots out of the soil. Recently, I grew tomato and mint at my terrace, it was great and growth was so rapid and extra that we distributed some of them to our neighbors. These pictures are from my kitchen garden. It has less sunlight but I have managed the space. By the time, I have learned many techniques according to my ease. It is a friendly suggestion to all my readers that just for sake of one-time experience, everyone should try it. I am sure it will be a great hobby apart from a good and healthy food.

Best regards.