Back to school once again, OMG, summer is almost finished once again. All day fun is over and it is the time to schedule up to the routines of your children. I think it seems difficult but it is really a fun job to turn back to old practices.  It is not new to us, all we need to make our mind before time. First, make your mind and then your little ones’. I know that is a tricky one but do not worry. After all, we are parents and know how to bring them back. Following is parents guide to ease your life.
Prepare a list to do.
  • ·         Make a proper change to your routines.
  • ·         No late night shows, turn the T.V off like a good one.
  • ·         Get up early and help your kids to adopt this healthy habit.
  • ·         Leave for work a bit early and increase it gradually until it matches to kid’s school timings.

Now you are ready for kids, start following for juniors.
  • ·         On the top, stream ups their naptime. During the vacation, kids do not follow tight schedules and we love to watch sleeping them late hours in the morning (You know that is also a fun time for moms). Now, you need to decrease their nap time, gradually. Do not push them forcefully, just make some fun activities to follow like morning walk and play times etc.

  • ·         Ask them for funny and memorable things they‘ve done during summer vacations. Give them a queue to narrate and let them write or share with their friends and teachers at social media like Facebook, Twitter etc.

  • ·       Remind them the coolest moment of the last session and the care they get from their teachers.

  • ·        Also ring a bell of previous fun-fair and cheerful time they spent there.

  • ·    Give them an idea to make something creative and beautiful for their classroom. This will engage their interest towards new session.

  • ·       Invite their closest ones’ to come and visit just to boost both kids.

  • ·         Get them to mart with a shopping list. New things are always motivating.

Guideline for teenagers
  • ·         All they need new and trendy things.
  • ·         Be friendly with them
  • ·         Try to discuss with them on various things that magnetize them.

Actually, I have not much of them as they are already good to decide. They have their plans and schedules with their group. They do not need a push; they are fully prepared. So, no worries, just concentrate on juniors.