Dear all,
Right from our childhood, we love to show and share our personal belonging to our elders, friends, and teachers. This gesture of sharing is natural and mostly a growing kid wants to impress others with one’s property. This habit grows up with all of us and we often control it in order to make our privacy. But many could not control this thing and situation aggravates in many cases.
Often, we find many examples in our society that people want to show their social status to others. For this they impress others with their branded dress, accessories and ride; it describes their background and seems accurate when moving in the same circle. But they are loud if moving in mediocre. Many of them obviously afford all this but there are also such examples who disguise themselves for any benefit or to deceive others.
Such differences and mismatches are often called the show off culture. Some people feel an inner satisfaction where they can tread over others. They try to generate inferiority complex in them and feel proud. They promote personal belongings as they are reachable to all classes and there is nothing abnormal. People influenced by this entire situation and it does not end here. It starts an endless race where mediocre or lower medium standard people also try to purchase such trendy and expensive things. Few of them do not care for right or wrong and want to achieve it all by hooks or crooks.
Another positive example is where people want to show their expertise to others so that they can be appreciated for their gifted talent. It is a natural way of expression and all noble societies love to buck up such skilled people. It also opens the new ways to promote such talent. Sometimes these brilliant minds grab the opportunity to monetize their skills.
These days, social media is full of such examples where one tried and being appreciated afterward. Now, there is also a category of show-offs, who know nothing but try to copy others and tag it at as their original work. Either it is a content, life hack or DIY, all being copied many times and all of them are not giving credit to actual mastermind. Copying anybody is not bad but for courtesy sake, we should tag the credit to originated person. This attitude will be much appreciated and increase your credit and viewers in a serious community, I bet.
I know these habits are hard to catch but one should try not to opt it. “Nip the evil in bud” we are our judge, our inner always pinches us on such nasty things but we often ignore it. Try to listen yourself and get rid of it in early age. If you delay, it will strengthen you. Being a show-off is apparently seems not much dangerous but it impacts a lot. Silently but aggressively it changes the structure of society and keeps the morality aside.
I have all this, if you have any suggestion, let me have the feedback. Your every word means a lot.
Best regards.



Hello all,

DIY (Do it yourself), my favorite in tutorial and blessing for everyone. It is a good medium for sharing and learning about new things. When you start searching for “how to make a scented candle”, you can find a lot of tutorials on the same subject with different duration. DIYs have become a necessity of life, especially, for household women; some year back they need someone expert for various works at home. Now, due to the internet world, you can find all help on your mobile screen in an easy way. This help is indeed not less than any other experts.
I personally prefer short time tutorials which are concise and elaborative. As we are always running out of time and are in a hurry so such tutorials really suit us. Actually, the reason behind it is that if I am keen to learn about anything, I can grab it with glimpses and need not a complete explanation. Due to DIY, I have learned and made many things at home and repaired my car scratch well. One can become expert with the help of these simple and effective tips that others share their short videos.
Long duration videos are also needed for complete learning as some jobs are tedious and one cannot perform it without meticulous details. I once interested to make puff pastry at home and I opened my phone for help. There were plenty of recipes and DIY to prepare it. At first, I preferred a video with smaller duration but failed to complete my job. Then I reverted to a comprehensive and authentic technique through a longer version and follow each and every step; believe me, it worked.
There is a bad scenario also in this field that many videos you opened are mostly useless. People upload the videos without any authenticity or proper learning. They just try to raise the numbers of their videos on their YouTube channel. Such things are waste of time and should not be uploaded with the DIY title as people are mostly confident that they will find a helpful thing in this section. One should make research and practice before making a video for DIY; it is a matter of trust, learning, and sharing.
Sometimes, you can find some DIY videos with editing, where you will find the procedure and result entirely different. If we work on such tutorials it must be a disappointment. I personally love to open my favorite one on which I trust. And if I have to switch to the other and different subject, I watch the new DIY carefully in order to avoid cheating. There are very small numbers of such fraudulent but still exists. Mostly there is help all around.
It introduces us a world of care and share and everyone can do anything at any time. Once people cannot think of such expertise in their hand but it exists now. The dream comes true, do not miss the chance, learn as much you can. Surprise others with your skills and monetize as well.


Best regards.