Dear all,
Silence is necessary on different occasions. Whenever you want to think, write, sleep, watch a movie or listen to your favorite track, the silence is a requirement of the atmosphere. But it is quite often in big cities, except in posh or lavish areas. Most parts of the main cities are now being crowded with people and vehicles all around. These congested areas have no corner to live with peace of mind. How one can apply the mind in the thoughtful job, when there are hue and cry is all over.


We can observe “Silence” sign in different public areas like libraries, cinemas, offices and study institutions. But we maintain silence in libraries only; all other areas are open to talk and make noises. On a cheerful occasion like wedding, people try to forget all the limitations. This is a special time when people do not care for any others leisure time. Normally, in South Asia, it is a trend to play music in full volume on and before wedding days. It is assumed to be a gesture to celebrate the happiness. During wedding days all family members are usually busy in different assigned works but close relatives are free to eat, drink and play music, either it is early morning or late night. There is also a popular trend to invite different bands at the wedding that keep playing their instruments until the eardrums destroyed.
This trend is not limited to South Asia, but it is also witnessed a trend of make noises all over the world especially at the wedding event. Many have the tradition to make a huge firing at this occasion, mostly in Arab countries and in Sub Continent also. A lot of people in love to make different voices; in India, we can observe this trend at Bengali weddings and in African tribal areas. West has his own traditions they use to tie some empty tins behind their car and drive in streets and enjoy; this is a sign that a newly married couple inside.
Normally, people do not get offended at such traditional occasions and love to be the part of it. But one should take care of an ill person around or a person that is tired to perform his/her night duty and go to sleep yet. Many old age people do not like shouting or unwanted noises around them. Well, there are many reasons that should be cared about. Also, I think it is a matter of manners not to make so many noises in any public areas. If no one is disturbing in your happiness to enjoy the event then one also should take care of others. It does not mean that you may not enjoy such amusing moments but one should do it all within limits so that it could make a trend to follow.


A civilized society always takes care each other. We humans have learned many lessons from wars, fights, dispute, and clashes. Mostly it is assumed that new generation is more sensible and intelligent in all the walks of life. I will consider them if they make the world a place of peace and brotherhood. According to me being intelligent is not a person who is good in digital world only but in the real world, we all have more responsibilities.  First thing is to take care of others and try to free the world from sound pollution. Live within limits, no one can forbid you to do anything but your inner will lead you to the right way.
Best regards.