Hello all,
According to many readings and scientific readings, our illusions are due to some disorder in mental chemical levels. We overview a lot and make up our minds according to what we think often. These kind of beliefs are very common in our daily routine. These are called as superstitions and vary from area to area. Many times, they have no similarity between them in routine but the treatment of certainty is same. Another reason for these superstitions is that many clever and manipulative people spread their self-created instants between simple and illiterate people and influence them to believe them.  The worse ever I read was in stories where men or women were being burnt due to the belief that the victims are involved in witchcraft. It was a common way to take revenge from somebody.  In the subcontinent, there are many superstitions believed as true; actually, those are not because we do not have any concrete argument for their validity.
Here I want to mention few of them in a hope to get rid of them forever.
Black cat: If a black cat crosses your passage, you should come back and let the job undone as it will be harmful to go further. If you do not do so, the consequences will be worse.
Sneezing: Firstly, most people do not want to start their work if anybody sneeze, many takes a long pause due to it. It believed that it will not be beneficial.
Secondly, it is believed that whenever a dear to you thinks about you, you will start to sneeze or hiccup.
Cutting Nails: In the evening, cutting nails is thought to be a curse and old people forbid doing so.
Mirror cracking: Especially in India, it is strongly believed that if a mirror cracked it is the sign of worse happening.
Spilled milk; is also an occurrence for some bad luck.
Crow; is not much famous in the entire world, but whenever it caws at someone’s wall, it is believed that some unexpected guests will visit your home.
Crying cat; in the house is also believed as an alarm before some bad forthcoming.
Tongue bit by teeth; is due to when somebody abuses or says anything wrong against you in absence.
Eye flicking; if it is left eye then good for men and wrong for women and vice versa.
Shaking legs; though it is against manners to shake legs it is believed as a bad luck and reduction to income.
Thursday or Tuesday; both days are not believed as good to start a project between different believers. They think that work will be undone or prolonged if started in these days. Rain started on Thursdays is also presumed as it will last in a week.
This is just a glimpse, there are so many more. It is not Sub-continent but one can observe it all over the world. Number 13 is always considered as not good for all. I have seen in a movie where a pregnant woman with a band on her eyes, was led to two chairs upon one there were scissors. If she sits on an empty chair then it will be a boy and if she selects the chair with scissors then it will be a girl she is expecting.
Recently, I have seen a T.V show, in which they exposed a villager who fetched an ordinary turtle with some spots on its shell. He told others that these are holy names written on it. People started to believe and gathered to see such unique thing. The perpetrator started to call the turtle as “Baba Ji” and tried to convince others to put money in a bowl for “Baba Ji” and it will fulfill their wishes. Simple and illiterate villagers were trapped to drink the dirty pond water in which the turtle lived. They were told that it will cure their diseases. The crew and members of an investigating media team observed this all for many days and finally brought it on T.V. After being exposed, all the believers had turned into his opponents, they all started to abuse the culprit and became a part of the coverage team.
According to me, the result is that we should be able to spend our spare time in a joyous way and we do not need any logic or scientific research for it. We made our illusionary world with our own imagination and try to manipulate others to come and join us. In developed countries, there are still few with same problems but many have stopped to believe in such a waste of time. But the problem still prevails in developing countries, where education to some certain level is not common and illiterates are easy to influence and betray. Those are ready for surprises and looking forward to more miracles to be told. One can raise a question that how routine superstitions are harmful; the answer is “nip the evil in the bud”. We need to start this work from our daily life and to leave such nonsense. We have to raise our voice against such believing, as they are hurdles in developing one’s mind in a positive, good way and also harmful to a country’s growth as well.
Best regards.