Hello all,
I don’t know why but whenever I saw these words at the end of any T.V program; I felt excited. It brings me a hope that there is still something additional that could be more informative or entertaining. I like all sequels of movies; thrilling, science fiction or romantic type. I love to watch every part although the first one was good or not. I think there is always a chance for excellence and as it is said: “THE SHOW MUST GO ON!”.
Life is a teacher that taught us silently to grab the experience through passing moments. Continuity is also a lesson for me, I never gave up. At the end of every chapter of my life, I had a hope that there is still something more interesting and meaningful on my way ahead. What needed is a struggle, wait and not to lose hope. It is my perception towards life that death is the only end and before that, there is no finish.
Disappointment is a curse that pulls out all our positivity and let us wanders in the darkness. It gathers a fog of uncertainty in our minds and paralyzes our abilities. We need to overcome it especially when we found ourselves in tough circumstances. Although, there are many crucial times when someone feels lonely and finds no way out from dilemma but still there are a lot of positive ways to tackle the situation. At this stage, one should be tolerant and patient by letting the time pass without any resistance. I know it is tough but it worked all the time in my life. My friends! I assure you that all will be in the good direction. This gesture will clear the path and change your destiny.
You can call it a miracle or whatever but according to me, it is to bring your positivity out of you to face the complexity. There is already an end to our life that not known when it will come, so why die before that time. We humans are not to let ourselves down against tough circumstances. One should find the solution and survive anyway.
Life is all about tripping over, standing up, brushing off, getting a posture and continuing the journey that had paused momentarily. Was there ever a time when you felt like quitting but you carried on? Do share in comments.
Best regards.