Dear all,
Our world is running out of fresh water; the crisis is at its terrifying stage. Everyone needs to put ones share in different campaigns to lower or avoid the situation. Our 1/5 population is already facing the scarcity of water, now more numbers are going to add in this. The scenario is worse and it can be treated with solid and concrete steps. As a human being, we should feel the pain of such sufferers. A right step will not only help other victims but will lead also to enjoy a long time facility in their homes.
Some of us have no fear of this situation at this time as they are getting plenty of water in their taps and there is no interruption in their routine. The following precautions are actually for those who already enjoy an uninterrupted supply of water in their houses. With these simple changes in their life, they can help a lot of people around the world.
1)      Starting with early morning, we should turn off the tap while brushing the teeth or shaving. There is no need to listen to music of running water at that time to avoid it.
2)      Dishwashing and laundry, usually are the times when gallons of water is consumed. Sometimes it is a requirement but this can be prevented by careful use of water.
3)      Tap water wastage is also a many time occurrence in our routine. We should check and maintain the taps and also check seepage of water tanks.


4)      Plants and trees bring beauty and life to our home, we should use a soil that soaks water in it and restrains the moisture for a longer time. Material like coco peat is a major source and other sources can be found in different studies. Pots may be placed in the shady area so that they consume less water.
5)      Watering the garden is a time-consuming job and some of us put the water pipe in gardens and let the water flow on its own. Many times it turns out into the conversion of a garden into a shallow pond. Auto water irrigations systems are now available for domestic use.


6)      Cleanliness is good for health and hygiene but we should avoid using the open flow of water to wash all house or garages. A time schedule could be maintained and this can be done on alternate days instead daily.
7)      Kids and youngsters mostly consume 4 times more water as compare to others while in the shower, they need to educate regarding this wastage. Although it is a difficult one, a steady and kind gesture will bring them to the track.
8)      Fountains and waterfalls in the garden are also a fascinating and eye-catching view. It is also a way of lavish lifestyle. But this is not the right time for such wastage. We should avoid such luxuries on daily basis. It could be limited to use when throwing a party.
9)      Water tanks on rooftops have now become a part of our daily life; it is an alternate in interruptions. Most of us have installed an auto switch to avoid wastage of water. There are still many who forgot to switch off the electric pump while filling the tank and it is causing a lot of wastage of water.


10)   Rainwater is a good natural source but we often let it waste. It can be preserved to use in plants and pots while distal water generated by air conditioning systems can also be used in batteries and for cleaning purposes.
Best regards.


Hello all,
We have almost 2/3 of our planet covered with water but still, we are facing water scarcity. Well, it is a shortage of fresh drinking water that is required to fulfill our nutrient values and health. According to various surveys around 1.2 billion people are facing this situation. At a rough count, it is almost 1/5 of the total world population.
People living in urban and remote areas, both are facing the problem in different ways but in remote areas it is worse. Mostly in remote areas, there is no water filtration system available to fulfill their needs. This severe condition constrains them to use polluted and unhygienic water from ponds, canals and rivers. Ponds appear with rainwater, it is a bowl shape or pool type area that collects the water in rain season. Both animals and humans drink and use the water from same place leading them to different diseases. An old way of water source is to dig a well for fresh water but it is not much common these days due to the fact that availability of fresh water is very deep.
In urban areas, it is in different way. Population is growing and officials are helpless to fulfill their basic needs. People living in main cities are facing the crisis and those who are well off, purchase fresh water at higher rates. Poor ones are in bad condition they have to wait in lines for their turn to get a bucket of fresh water. Sometimes they quarrel, pull, injure and say harsh words to each other. It is due to the frustration building within them, they have no way to release it out.
It is not a situation that came at once, our masterminds were quite aware of it for long. Many of us heard the sentence that “third world war will be fought at water resources”. These think tanks are geniuses and they started to prepare weapon for wars and ignored the real problem. Although research work is on its way to find new ways to convert sea water into fresh water but it is still at limited level. Our heavy budgets are still focusing on military power and new missile and arms.
Well, it is a matter of existence of mankind and our future obviously. How can we ignore it? We are trying to reach different planets and not using the available resources. It is an age of science and technology so why not to emphasis on main issue. I am sure there is no hurdle in it except the power game. We have many raw minds that are actually capable to overcome the problem. What we need is to start this job at grass root level. Countries start big projects for the betterment of their people like huge dams etc but according to the scenario, it is required to spread it at low level with controls over it.


People are thirsty in most part of the world and we should take initiatives to help them. Big minds should come forward and facilitate them. It is all around the world; either it is Africa or Asia. Organizations like WHO are not enough, they are doing their best but numbers of victims are increasing day by day. Some more efforts are the requirement of time. I request to cut the budget for huge and destructible arms and invest it at the betterment of people.
Best regards.